We are a bold creative and digital agency that works with the most ambitious people, organisations and brands around the world to achieve outstanding results.


World-leading strategic advice to help you understand digital transformation, anticipate future trends, and develop strategies to innovate, grow and succeed.

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Our developers, designers, marketers, analysts and strategists work at the intersection of creativity and technology to turn your digital roadmap into results.

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Our ambition is to be daring and creative as we help tell the stories of the people, organisations, and brands that are changing the world.

Who we work with

Our team has provided strategic counsel and digital services for a wide range of clients, including:

  • Global firms in the telco, entertainment, resources and hospitality sectors.

  • International financial institutions in emerging markets.

  • Innovative FinTech and
    AI startups.

  • Ecommerce marketplaces for travel, recruitment, education and fashion.

  • Governments, political parties and leaders in the UK, Australia and NZ.

  • Public sector organisations in the education, health and environment sectors.

  • Industry representative groups, business councils and think tanks.

  • Property developers and real estate brokers.

  • Tertiary education institutions.

  • NGOs, community groups and advocacy campaigns.

  • National sporting associations and teams.

Topham Guerin can help you turn a

Crisis Response

New Market

Product Launch

into an opportunity